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One of the most common problems we come across in denture making is people wearing a full set of dentures for more than ten years, then deciding to have a new set made the conventional way, and since they cannot get used to the new set, they end up in the drawer!


At our denture clinic we take all the important information from the old set and put it into the new set. This way there is very little new to get used to, So, you end up wearing the new set and your old set becomes your spare set.


The Denture Care Centre was formed in 1970. We have been in the same road since then, and estimate that we have made at least 40,000 dentures since we started. That's some experience in denture making.


We constantly update the materials and equipment we use and only use the tried and tested techniques in denture making. Our denture care centre is situated in a quiet cobbled stone mews, almost on the corner of Great Western Road and Harrow Road, London W9. The company is also registered with the Minister of Health.


Joseph McKay CDT RCS (Eng), GDC Number: 146301, MJM Dental Laboratories Ltd, 24 Western Mews, London W9 3NZ


Telephone: 0207-286 4630 Email: enquiries@dentures.co.uk